Guide to view CS Demos

This is a step by step guide for those who are unfamiliar with how to view Counter-Strike 1.6 demo.

CS Replays

This is how the demo files will look like. The file name stands for
<round>_<team1> versus <team2>-<date&time>-<map>, this may however different from which source you downloaded the demos from.

There’s few abbreviation use to represent the tournament rounds. Here are some examples,
R1, 2, 3 – Round 1, 2, 3 and so on . . .
DER1 – Double Elimination Round 1
LBR1 – Loser Bracket Round 1
LBQF or LB1/4 – Loser Bracket Quarter Final
WBF – Winner Bracket Final
GF – Grand Final


In order to view the demo files, the files must be place under the correct directory which is under “cstrike” folder.

If you are using Steam version of Counter-Strike 1.6, the demo file must be placed under the directory as shown in the picture below. Notice the directory address.
Steams Cstrike Location

Whereas, if you’re using the LAN version of Counter-Strike 1.6, the demo file must be place under the directory as shown on the picture below.
Cstrike LAN Location


In order to save hassle of typing the full demo file name in Counter-Strike application, it is recommended to rename the demo file which you want to watch to a shorter file name. Please notice that do not remove the .dem file extension, removing the extension will cause the demo not viewable.



Now run Counter-Strike 1.6 application and open the console window, you can open the console window by pressing the ” ` ” key just under the Esc key.

Type the command “viewdemo <demo file name>”, in this case which is “viewdemo 1”

viewdemo command

If everthing is done right, the demo will be loaded without any problem



You can press the duck key by default is control “Ctrl” to access various viewdemo options.
Pressing the Escape “Esc” key will also show you the Seek Bar and other Play controls.


Hope you find this guide useful and enjoy your demos.


21 Responses to “Guide to view CS Demos”

  1. this is great thanks

  2. Nice ty a lot

  3. ty! helped me a lot!

  4. thank you bro! thank you very much!

  5. .dem has an outdated demo format.
    >Protocol Version 48, Spawn count 36 (HLTV)

    WARNING! Server returned protocol version 48,

    i got dis wen i plyed demo…plz help me out

  6. Tnx This Helped Me !!!

  7. thx a lot!
    it really helped!

  8. My one doesn’t work , Why? It says Warning 1.dem has has an outdated demo forward
    Protocol version 48, Spawn count 2 (HLTV) help pls

  9. it helped alot 😀 ty very much

  10. Thank You Bro! That was clear explanation as hell…….Cheers

  11. kinda had me confused with valveuserpc or w/e. but i got it. thanks 😀

  12. pozz

  13. Please help. when i type viewdemo (nameofdemo) it shows the viewdemo options but not the video .

    This is my first time and in my console it says this
    WARNING! DemoFile::ReadDemoPacket: message length > MAX_POSSIBLE_MSG I dont know if its a problem so please help me out !

  14. bad

  15. very thx 😀

  16. i would like to know how do i view my .dem file in any media player or edit them to make a movie out of it.

    thank you in advance

  17. Let me knw what i am doing wrong…

    I got the below error.

    ] viewdemo suckd2-ct-1
    Playing demo from suckd2-ct-1.dem.
    WARNING! suckd2-ct-1.dem has an outdated demo format.
    BUILD 4554 SERVER (0 CRC)
    Server # 85

    WARNING! Server returned protocol version 48, not 47
    Demo file completely loaded.
    Demo file completely loaded.
    Demo playback stopped.
    Automatic connect

  18. When I press duck it just do nothing how can I exec these various viewdemo options Please someone reply !!!

  19. Any way to view demo without cs?

  20. thanks jani

  21. Dude it is perfect thanks could watch my hs now haha

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